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Whether you are working long hours from home or gaming for hours on end it is important to have the right setup that is not only comfortable to sit in for long periods of time but finding one that is healthy for your body also. No work from home or gaming setup is complete without the right chair for your needs. Getting a comfortable but also healthy office chair for those long periods in front of the screen is an investment in your health. Not only do our chairs look the part but they are ergonomic and are healthy for your body. Having the wrong chair is not just uncomfortable but it is also damaging to your health. Our chairs will look great when added to your work from home or gaming setup and they are very high quality, our brands are premium quality at an affordable price as we deal directly with the manufacturers to ensure we are getting the best price possible.

Having a comfortable chair is proven to increase work performance. A quality chair is part of any serious gamer’s setup and they are also excellent for work from home situations where you can spend hours a day in the same position. The last thing you want to stop you from getting your work done or those extra hours gaming is a sore back, shoulder or neck. Our chairs come with soft PU leather that makes siting for long periods as comfortable as possible. All of our chairs are also swivel chairs so there is no need for any uncomfortable turning and they are all able to tilt as well as having adjustable height to ensure that you are in the correct position with both feet able to touch the ground which is proven to be the healthier way of sitting. All of our chairs come with high quality wheels so you can move 360 degrees easily and comfortably and they have adjustable arm rests so you can set the correct height for your needs.

We have a range of chairs are the various price points so we are confident that you can find what you need when shopping for gaming chairs with us. All of our office chairs come with a 12 month warranty so you can rest assured that when shopping with us that you are getting only the highest quality chairs.

What to look for when shopping for a office chair:

Comfort and support – when searching for the right chair it is important that you are getting one that you will be comfortable in as the chances are you are probably going spend hours working or gamin in it. You want a chair that is sturdy and is not too soft so it supports your spine and puts you In the correct posture whilst sitting.

Adjustable height – a good office chair will allow you to adjust the height of the chair itself and some of our chairs will allow you to adjust the arm rests and neck supports also.

Premium material – a good chair will have material that is not only comfortable but also easy to keep clean. Most of our chairs are PU leather so both of these are covered.

We have selected the best available products at the various price points to ensure that our customers have a small quality selection to choose from. All of our products come with a 12 month warranty so if there are any issues just send us an email and we can sort it out. We have selected the best chairs available so you can shop our quality range without the added stress of having hundreds of low quality chairs to choose from. We also have a premium range of robot vacuum cleaners and cordless vacuums

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