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Welcome to We specialise in the supply and distribution of quality office chairs in Ireland. We supply a range of premium quality Teknik products including the famous Ergo Plus range of Teknik office chairs. Teknik have been around for over 25 years so you know that they only sell products of the highest quality.

“Trust” is the cornerstone of our operation and this governs the way we behave with our retailers and their end users, we sincerely believe that in order to operate effectively in the market we have to "partner" with our customers and adapt to individual needs. Service matters to us and we are constantly striving to offer the most efficient service to you and your end user customers, if we say we will do something – we mean it…

Our constantly expanding product range spans a wide variety of needs, from entry level Operator chairs, sophisticated Heavy duty Executive 24 hour seating up to luxury Leather chairs, with enough choice to satisfy the most contemporary and traditional tastes. All products are subject to rigorous quality control procedures, batch tracing and where appropriate, formal certification. Whilst we recognise the need to be competitive, we do not pursue the lowest price at the expense of quality.

Service & Support:

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that products are perfect, we recognise the need to provide a robust and prompt response to service related requests for the occasions that something goes awry. To keep it simple for our customers, we have one contact email that all service or support issues should be sent to: